With over 20 years’ experience, we offer the best paving services in Southern Ohio. We use only the highest grade materials in producing our asphalt.


For parking lot additions and construction projects, we can offer project planning and management. This includes site plans, architectural drawing and municipal approvals.

Remove & Replace

Removing and replacing is most commonly used to repair severely damaged surfaces. This process involves removing the asphalt down to the stone base and installing new asphalt. The process generally provides you the longest lasting asphalt and is the most cost effective solution for damages surfaces.

Asphalt Resurface

Resurfacing is adding a new layer of asphalt (about 1 ½ to 2 ½) over the existing surface. This is usually done before there is signs of serious deterioration. Before resurfacing the more damaged areas may need repair and sometimes milling is required. Also, maintaining the water flow of the area needs to be taken in to consideration. This solution can be the most cost effective way to extend the life of the asphalt surface.

Mill & Resurface

Milling and resurfacing can be a good asphalt restoration option when your asphalt surfaces are starting to deteriorate but haven’t completely failed yet. This process involves milling down the top layer of asphalt about an inch or two. The remaining asphalt is then primed and then new asphalt is applied. Giving you a completely new smooth surface. This solution may not be a long lasting solution but can be a good lower cost solution.

Seamless Patching

The penetrating infrared rays of the recyclers quickly soften the existing asphalt without burning. Typically the top 1” to 2” of asphalt is ready for raking within 7 – 10 minutes. Once the old asphalt is soft and scarified new asphalt is added to bring the recycled area back to proper grade. It is then compacted to make a permanent hot patch level with the existing asphalt. There is no water seepage because the repair is seamless. Using infrared we can correct asphalt imperfections and cracking, eliminate potholes. Remove oil spots, lower high spots and repair catch basins.

Repairs - Drainage Issues

Improper water flow is the reason many parking lots deteriorate. When asphalt starts to deteriorate around a drain or catch basin that often indicates an issue with the drainage system itself. Repairs to the drains or catch basins will eliminate any future asphalt issues.

portable crushing

We offer Customers crushing services with large quantities of asphalt, concrete, brick with our portable crusher. We can set it up onsite and provide all the equipment necessary.

Excavation / Site Work

We offer full site Preparation and design with are in house excavation crew, save money and have one company do your project from start to finish.

sealcoating and crack fill

Sealcoating and Crack fill not only extends the life of the pavement but also improves the look of the driveway or parking lot. Nothing is to large or small, we have all the latest in equipment to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Don’t settle for anything but the best.


This along with seal coating improves the look, safety and parking in a lot. We use the highest grade of paints so it last longer and keeps it looking fresh. We can do anything from large too small.

Asphalt sales

We also sell Asphalt; we only use the highest quality materials to produce our asphalt. We use what we sell so you know you will get quality asphalt from G&J Asphalt & Materials.